Brian Huskey, Rebecca Drysdale & Ryan Perez. We had a fantastic live show in Los Angeles, CA screening the Oscar Nominated Short Films with guests Brian Huskey (Veep, Childrens Hospital), Rebecca Drysdale (Key and Peele) and Ryan Perez (Funny or Die, SNL). The shorts we screened: Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare, Adam and Dog, Paperman, Fresh Guacamole, Curfew (all live action) and Head Over Heels. And we get a One Codi Review with Codi Fischer of Inocente. It was a blast! Please watch these films and then listen to the episode. Many thanks to all that came out and to Manny Hagopian for helping with tech.

Theme song: Space Hole performed by March Fourth Marching Band and Robin Jackson.

Listen Now:

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